Mobile Messaging

Since 1999, Done has been developing SMS/MMS applications and has developed over 200 mobile messaging services.


Mobile Web

Done provides mobile web sites which can be viewed from mobile devices. Until now, Done launched more than 30 mobile web sites.


Mobile Applications

Done Labs is the name of our team which is dedicated for mobile application (iPhone/iPad/Android) development with an emphasis on User Experience and Game Mechanics.


DONE Infrastructure

Our Service Delivery Platform (SDP) VASGateway provides a single connection to all GSM Operators (Turk Telekom, Turkcell, KKTCELL, Vodafone) in Turkey. VASGateway has a common messaging interface, thus our customers using VASGateway does not need to update their connections when any GSM Operator implements an update in their messaging interfaces. Among the potential users of the product are Service Providers, Banks, and any company that adopts SMS into her business. The following functions are supported by VASGateway:

  • MO SMS (Mobile Originated Messages)
  • MT SMS (Mobile Terminated Messages)
  • WAP Push
  • Mobile Charging