Done makes engaging mobile applications since 1999 and millions of mobile users are using services created by Done everyday.

DONE Information & Communication Systems provides mobile applications and services since 1999. Three main business areas of Done (which have been symbolized with the temple shown below) are: 


Our Mission & Vision

People always remember the great moments they experience. The emotions are intensified; they feel enthusiasm, gratitude and joy. Our mission is to create great experiences and generate such wonderful feelings in our users through our mobile applications.
We always believed in mobility. We still do.

Our users

Users of our mobile applications are first satisfied with our applications, and then they become a loyal user by using our application or visiting the site frequently. After a certain level of engagement is achieved, our users become an advocate of our services by recommending them to their friends. In every kind of highly successful service a viral experience; Word Of Mouth effect is experienced.

People, System and Culture

Behind every great product, one can find a team who collaborate systematically by applying a proven method. None of the great products are created by coincidence or by mere luck. The great teams consist of talented and experienced members create them. But more importantly there needs to be a culture which values excellence. In this culture; each of the team members are passionate about creating great products with a user-centric approach.

Our Team

In Done & Done Labs, we have a great team and ecosystem respectively. Our application developers and designers are dedicated for mobile platforms and as a result of this they have a high degree of specialization. Our iOS developers focus only on iPhone-iPad, Android developers specialize in Android and mobile web developers create mobile sites. We have 12 years of development experience in mobile messaging and mobile web and 8 years of experience in mobile application development.

Our Culture

    • We are inclined to positive thinking.
    • We encourage new ideas, innovation and intrapreneurship.
    • We value user experience and customer experience.
    • We are passionate about creating great products.
    • We believe that joint efforts pay off through diversified but collaborative team members.
    • We love to discuss new ideas, exchange information and share our personal experiences.
    • We are open-minded people who do not like to set limits in our minds.

    Mobile Messaging

    Mobile Messaging consists of SMS and MMS services. Applications are running on the platform of DONE called VASGateway.

    Mobile Web

    Done develops mobile web sites considering the different technical (i.e. WAP/XHTML/HTML5) and visual requirements (i.e. screen sizes, different resolutions) of mobile devices. These sites are developed on open platforms.

    Mobile Applications

    Done Labs is the name of our team which is dedicated for mobile application (iPhone/iPad, Android and BlackBerry) development with an emphasis on User Experience and Game Mechanics.

    User Experience” (UX) located on the roof of the temple, reflects the Done’s endeavor for creating services that are user-friendly and easy to use. Done is also involved in academic studies as well. A UX lecture is being given in Kadir Has University.

    The basis of this temple is named as “infrastructure” which indicates the technical frameworks and platforms that has been developed by the R&D team of Done which is located in Teknopark Office at Yıldız Technical University. Infrastructure of Done ensures high quality applications to be developed fast and easily.

    The following mobile platforms are being supported: SMS, MMS, WAP, Mobile WEB, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry applications.

    Business Partners

    DONE is a Certified Partner of Ericsson since 2001, Turkcell since 2002 (the leading GSM operator in Turkey), Türk Telekom since 2008 and Defne since 2009.

    Done provides Smart TV applications for Samsung and LG since 2011.

    Partners of Done Labs are:

    • Botego
    • DG
    • Fugo
    • Inovel
    • Ufuk Orbey
    • Samsung
    • LG
    • Defne
    • Türk Telekom
    • Turkcell
    • Ericsson


    Since 1999, Done has served:
    - over 25 corporate customers in more than 250 mobile projects
    - millions of mobile users in 7 countries

    • Turkey
    • England
    • Netherlands
    • Germany
    • Switzerland
    • Jamaica
    • Palestine