Done Labs is the name of our ecosystem which is dedicated for mobile application development (iPhone & iPad & Android) with an emphasis on User Experience and Game Mechanics.

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In each mobile platform there is a dedicated development team whose expertise resides in only that platform. For example, iPhone developers are different than Android developers. The team consists the following roles:

- Product Management which is responsible for creating innovative and creative Storyboards and UX Designs.

- Product Marketing for distributing and promoting the mobile applications developed by Done Labs.

- Application Development in iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android and BlackBerry platforms.

- Visual Design

Our Methodology:

We pursue to create great mobile applications and we believe that high levels of user engagement are a direct indicator of success. We apply User Experience (UX) principles in our applications and consider the following factors in our user-centric designs:

✓ Readability
✓ Discoverability
✓ Simplicity
✓ Intuitiveness
✓ Navigation
✓ Visual Aesthetics
✓ Learnability
✓ Memorability
✓ Functionality

In our methodology, first we decide on the required features. Since we care about simplicity we try to find the minimum number of core features that provide most value to users. This is called as Minimal Viable Product Strategy. The features we decide are all in congruent with the “Value Proposition” of our product and in the target profiles (“personas”). Minimal Viable Product can sometimes be the Most Valuable Product. (MVP = MVP). Then, we create a Storyboard applying the UX principles and Game Mechanics.  As soon as the storyboard that is prepared with the minimum features is ready, we begin to create a High Fidelity Prototype rapidly. This enables us to do Usability Testing and find out the difference between what we have designed for and what the users perceive. After completing the usability testing, we do the improvements in the application and then launch the commercial version. After launching the mobile application we continue to do usability testing and strive for excellence through iteration: that is regular and rapid updates considering the customer feedbacks and usability testing results.