Until now, Done has developed and launched more than 30 mobile web sites. We continue product management in our mobile web sites and provide technical support and maintenance to 3rd party mobile web sites.


Chatmeydan-im (means “My Chat Square”) is the first mobile chat service in Turkey. It has been launched in August 2001 and it has been among the great services in award winning Turkcell GPRSLand (later Shubuo). Currently it is listed in Turkcell’s mobile portal named as Turkcell-im. While creating ChatMeydan-im service, we applied our know-how regarding creating community services with an emphasis on User Experience and Game Mechanics. As a direct result of this endeavor, the service has acquired lots of loyal users and the service engagement level is very high (e.g. ratio of active users / total users are high and the service creates millions of impressions).

Features of ChatMeydan-im are:

  • Subscription Management (free trials, weekly subscriptions)
  • Profile Management (users can upload their photos, personal information and etc.)
  • Social Features (messaging platform, search for new friends, status sharing, inviting friends, smiley and emoticons)
  • Chat Rooms (public and private rooms)
  • Game Mechanics (We have a Social Ranking System that supports loyalty)
  • Push/Alert Messages (Users receive notification SMS when another user sends him/her a message)
  • Moderation Management (our moderators monitor the chat environment in public rooms to ensure high quality chat, 7 days 24 hours.)
  • Settings (users can control their settings like offline messaging, banned users, alert messages)

Doğan Online

Doğan Online is the company who has been managing value added services of Milliyet and Hurriyet. During 2005-2007, Done has worked in 22 mobile projects of Doğan Online.

Doğuş Oto

Doğus Oto mobile web was developed by Done. In this service, visitors of this mobile web are able to learn information about cars, their prices, campaigns & announcements. Users can browse the photo gallery and can make an appointment from the Doğuş Oto service department.


Done developed the first MMS application of Switzerland at Ericsson Mobility World. Users can upload their party pictures to the platform and at the same time they share that what is happening in entertainment centers. So, other users can easily answer to this question :"Where should I go tonight?”

Milliyet Mobile

Milliyet Mobile is a newspaper site for mobile phones. Milliyet Mobile includes news in several categories such as economy, sports, weather and etc. The mobile web also provides a link to authors’ articles, TV guide and news photo gallery.


Mobil Klip (Mobile Clip) which has been developed in Ericsson Mobillity World (Crea-World) is the first mobile site in Turkey that supports MMS messages. It has been launched by Turkcell in 2002. Done has provided its infrastructure, operations and MMS content from several distinguishing partners such as Salih Memecan (famous cartoonist in Sabah), Animaturk and Cominic (famous cartoonist such as Selçuk Erdem), Faruk Bayraktar, Mehmet Şenocak.

Through Mobil Klip users can download MMS photos, animations and cartoons to their mobile phones.

Sompo Japan

Sompo Japan is a mobile site which includes information about Sompo Japan’s insurance services. Users can begin to use the site with their notification of damage and they can control their follow-up of damage. Users also can reach the informations about the Sompo Japan and also users can talk to the customer services with the "click to call" feature of application.


Done customized her mobile ringtone & melody site for Sunrise (network operator in Switzerland) in cooperation with Ericsson. Users are able to download mobile ringtones from Sunrise wap portal.

Yapı Kredi

Done developed the first mobile commerce application (also integrated with web) for Yapı Kredi where visitors of the mobile site can buy tickets and books that Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat provides from their mobile phones in 2002.